Apples to Apples iPhone fans will love #WhatsItLike?!

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Available on The App Store November 21st!

 Pair nouns and adjectives in this addictive and fun iPhone/iPod touch/iPad game that dares to ask the question… #WhatsItLike?!

So what is #WhatsItLike?!  It’s a new game that features multiplayer gameplay similar to Mattel Inc’s popular card game, Apples to Apples.*  Players pair blue adjective and orange noun cards as featured to the right here.  Every round the judge presents an adjective card.  Other players then select from their hand of noun cards, the card they feel is most like the adjective card. Then the judge picks the card he/she believes to be the most accurate or funniest pairing.  Provide personalized captions to convince the judge to pick your card!  Utilize our in game chat system to further debate your choice, either anonymously or as your selected player handle.  Featuring our signature art style, premium cards, and other options to enhance your gaming experience.


If you like Apples to Apples, you’re going to love #WhatsItLike?!

  • The only noun and adjective pairing game available to play on the go via your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch
  • Each card features a fun artistic representation of the word and/or a witty caption
  • Turn based gameplay allows you to play multiple games at once, and at your own convenience
  • Play with friends and family by connecting with Facebook, Twitter, GameCenter, and Phone Contacts
  • Looking for new players? Challenge a group of random opponents
  • Personalized captions allow you to add your own creative input to help sway the judge to select your card
  • In game chat allows you to chat with the other players. Post as yourself or anonymously.
  • Compete against friends and globally on the leaderboards, as you complete/win games improving your player ranking
  • Earn coins for winning rounds and games that you can put towards purchasing premium and blank (fill in your own entry) noun cards
  • Optional “push” notifications help alert you when its your turn

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If you are looking to reach the owners/developers of this game, you may reach them at the following email addresses:
Daniel Rogers (CEO of ACED Studios, LLC)-
Josh Stamper (Partner/Manager)-
*#WhatsItLike?! is a mobile game produced by Aced Studios, LLC and is in no way affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Mattel, Inc.